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By playing the game you will learn more and more about Sondervick International School. After filling in your details, you start the game. Throughout the game you collect letters that you have to put in the correct order at the end. If you answer incorrectly you will lose a life, you have a total of 5 lives! You can quit at any time and continue the game later.

Use our website to find the right answers: www.sondervickinternational.nl

You can fill in the solution after the last question. You can submit your solution until March 13, 2024.

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    More about Sondervick

    Sondervick International School is a new international school in Veldhoven, with the facilities of an established school . We are a school for international students who want to be educated in a local environment. We have a rich mix of nationalities at our school, among those are students with American, Spanish, Indian and Chinese backgrounds.

    At the end you will obtain an internationally recognized ib-diploma so you will enter the world well-educated.